1. Are these videos produced in High Definition?

Yes. All our videos are produced in 1080p.

2. Do the videos come with sound?

Yes. However, if you wish to have the video without sound. Simply write in your requests during the checkout process that you do NOT want sound/music in the video.

3. Do I get free revisions?

You do get one free revision. This includes if you decide to include or request to have the audio/music added or removed. Make sure to include all the details for after this revision is made you will need to pay for new revisions.

4. Why do the logo image file have to be so large?

It’s to ensure that your logo and is seen clearly and does not come out small in the finished product.

5. Why does the logo need a transparent background?

In some animations, a white background will work due to the nature of the animation. However, most of the videos we have change color thus why it is best to have a transparent background on your logo.

6. What’s the turnaround time on completing my animation?

We do our best to deliver your product within 24- 48 hours. The time of completion drops when we have everything we need from the customer (logo and/or text).

7. My logo doesn’t have a transparent background what do I do?

You can hire a graphic designer to add a transparent background to your logo image. If you are on a small budget you can do it yourself at lunarpic.com. Simply upload your image to the image to the website. Select the white space in your photo and the website will make anything white in your photo transparent. However, this may not be as effective as hiring a graphic designer. You are welcome to find a graphic designer at Fiverr to assist you.

8. I’m not sure what color to use, what do I do?

After you’ve made a purchase, we’ll help you pick precisely what color you want.